7 th International UWH BUD PIG CUP 2014 Dear UWH friends!  We are happy to invite you to the 7th International UWH BUD PIG CUP 2014 GENERAL INFORMATION: 7th International UWH BUD PIG CUP 2013 will take place in České Budějovice (GPS: 48.974534, 14.469359) on 5th April 2014 (Saturday). The registration fee is 120 EUR/team Our bank account: IBAN: CZ 28 8040 0000 0070 1201 1999 BIC(SWIFT): OBKLCZ2X Account holder: Radomir Muzik, CZ Bank:  Oberbank AG, nám. Přemysla Otakara II. 6/3, 370 01 České Budějovice Some news for this year: Separate LADIES DIVISION for the first time in history is an innovation of this year! We are organizing a REFEREE LEVEL 1 COURSE held by Simon Talbot and Nathan Peall (professional referees from Australia and the UK, respectively) on 4th April(Friday before BPC). This course is very useful for all players! Please email us if you are interested so we can arrange your referee course materials. Is your team going to be at BPC 2014? Just respond to this email and include the following details: team name, country, number of referee L1 course attendees Why is the BUD PIG CUP one of the best tournaments around? •at least one experienced referee for every game separate ladies division accommodation (15 eur/night), pool and party (15 eur) within 5 minutes walking distance real art master piece for the winners prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place fantastic party beautiful city and great people How to get to České Budějovice from Prague airport? You can get to Ceske Budejovice very easily (and cheaply) by train, which goes almost every hour during the day. Find the best connection on the web site: http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusy/spojeni/  (for English/German version you find links in lower right part of the page). Please email us your interest   We are looking forward to hearing from you!                                                                                                                                                                             Jitka Kručinská Serrasalmus - UWH Club Ceske Budejovice Feel free to contact us anytime: jitka.krucinska@gmail.com serrasalmus@email.cz +420 723 273 754
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